Nobody Knows Me

In which these lyrics come to life.

The one smart thing I thought I did for my trip was route my transfers through Southern cities. In December, I spent a goodly amount of time in a plane on a runway in Minneapolis being de-iced. So I smugly arranged a transfer in Charlotte -- where on the day I flew, winds were so high that planes had to be rerouted to a single runway. We spent more than an hour on the plane sitting and/or driving around the airport.
We were intermittently allowed access to our electronic equipment. But I waited until we were actually in the air to plug into my iPhone.
And there I found the nicest present from my sweetie: While I was squishing clothes and electronics around my yarn, Joe had loaded up the iPod with Lyle Lovett -- Live in Texas -- and Big Medicine, featuring my second-favorite Joe: Joe Newberry.
Listening to it -- and picturing Joe's stealth downloading -- made me totally happy. And it eased the cramp in my left arm from knitting while trying not to elbow the woman next to me and the crick in my neck on the right side from dodging sneezes from across the aisle.
It's the best thing you can do for your sweetie before s/he goes on a trip. Add it to your pre-trip list.

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