Hey folks,
Sorry I've been out of touch. I've been working.
But bonus: You get three blogs in a row!
Blog the First: Creating a Home Office

The office I had in November was swell for what I did in November – that is, a variety of things that I did on my own schedule, in whatever space worked for that task. Joe worked in our designated office, and I mostly worked at a table in the rec (wreck?) room, near my crafty things.
This job calls for a whole 'nother kind of ordering system: space to post a schedule, a calendar, an action list, a phone, a computer. And all of this needs to be in a room with A Door That Closes.
Since Joe works from home also, we need to share the office - including a printer, computers, phone, book shelves. It's a pretty small space, so it called for some expert space wrangling. We called in an expert: my brother.
Chris, owner, operator and grand poobah of Angel City Builders knows space.
Chris guided us through the process of making a schematic. (And by “we” I mean my son, who is studying architecture and space arrangement this semester). We measured the space. We decided what items were staying in the room and measured them. We drew a scale drawing of the room, then cut out scale models of the furniture. Then we all sat down and played with arrangements.
The biggest trick was arranging our central square table (which has enough room for notebooks, etc.) and two movable computer stands in such a way that neither Joe nor I felt claustrophobic. It was my brother's fiance who came up with the dream scheme:

OK, it may not look like much, but it's brilliant, I tell you, just brilliant. We both can face the window; the printer is between us, and neither of us feels pinned in. We've taken it for a spin and successfully accomplished work, even being in there at the same time.

We haven't even painted it yet.
Once it's painted, you'll want to work here, too. But you can't. We're full up.

Here's a view of my side of the office:
Look at all that organization! I'm in the midst of packing for a business trip. More on that in Blog the Second.


Julie said...

Well organized but...the office is missing yarn!

Marcy said...

That's because I packed it all!