I got angry today. It derived from what is really my only source of anger these days. This problem makes me angry because it recurs and I can't control it. So, really, you can insert your own source of anger here -- anything that happens that you can't control that affects your quality of life -- and try these techniques to defuse it. Works for me.
1. State the thing that makes you angry. Out loud. To someone you trust. Stating it out loud to yourself while thumping about the kitchen doesn't work. I tried that first. Saying it out loud to Joe cut the anger in half. Immediately.
2. Do something good. This happened by accident. I went to the Goodwill to drop off a batch of unwanted things. Then I stopped in the store. There I found two handmade blankets in the discard bin. One is extraordinarily unattractive, knitted up from acrylic leftovers, including a knock-your-eye-out orange. I like it because someone took the time to turn leftover strands into a piece of fabric that keeps a body warm. Its retro self will find a home on our brown couch. The other is bright and cheery and perfect for giving to Project Linus. The two of them together set me back $2.56, which of course doesn't make even a smidgen of a dent in the cost of the time that it took to make them. I'll wash them both up and send them on to their new homes.
When I left the Goodwill, I had a little lift in my step. Cut another 25% of my anger.
3. Work. I focused on cutting into my to-do list. The engaging work pushed the anger right out of my mind.
It's not all gone. But enough is gone that I can see how to take steps to try to reduce chances that it will happen again.
4. Walk. Yes, I know, I probably should have done this first. But I'll do it last. That should cure me.
Try it. Let me know how it works out.

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