B is for bodacious

OK, really, I'm not messing with you. I can't tell you what my job is yet. I have to wait for the press release to come out. (Now you're really intrigued, aren't you?)
But I can give you a peek into my first day of work.
I went downstairs and logged on to my computer. Ta-da! I was at work! I had some phone conversations, I sent some emails. The emails were curious, because I didn't have a functional "B" key. I was supposed to hook up with IT, but really, I needed to fix my B first.
I couldn't send IT an email, because he has a "b" in his name. So I found his phone number and left a message that I was off to the Mac store. I got an email on my iPhone saying he'd be in touch later (for those of you unused to this, as I am, I'll clarify: He was working around my schedule).
Later, B key intact, we talked on the phone as he guided me through the process. We reached a point where I needed a password. I said, "I can't access that code right now." He knew and I knew and you know that I was really saying that I couldn't remember the dang thing. But he didn't suss me out. He gave me some instructions on how to download later. Then we talked about how to access email from my iPhone. He gave me several options. I wondered which was best. He chuckled gently and said, "You decide what will make your work day move along in the best way, and we'll make it work for you."
I know! Isn't that crazy?
I'm still swoony.


Anonymous said...

Marcy, The Cat's out of the Bag! Congrats on being the editor of Interweave Crochet magazine. Looking forward to working with you! --Jaime

Anonymous said...

Talk about awesome! Congrats to you, Marcy. -- Laurie from N&O